aspeks of work

Initiated by a great interest in and observation of obscure daily events, motives develop. Random and often incidental impressions and developments of daily experiences from TV, newspaper and conversations result in a pointed overlay in the picture. With pleasure in obscure exaggerations, the pictures reflect aspects of bewildering life – sometimes in real but also in dreamlike scenes. Figures of the known and familiar are being exaggerated. However, only through the exaggeration a different perspective develops. Besides the motif, the painterly aspect is of great importance. The completeness of the scene is always also to be viewed from a painterly aspect as well as the question of the picture’s „correctness“.

My angle of view on the pictures and the thus connected particular perspective on the subject of my artistic work, does not necessarily have to be consistent with that of the spectator. Painting, the art work itself does not suffer derogation by the potential discrepancy, instead it is more an expression of the spectator’s own imagery and experiences.

This series of paintings was produced in the second half of 2011, triggered by frequent journeys on the motorway A44, Aachen to Mönchengladbach. Due to the monotony of motorway driving and the thus connected distance to nature, a self-contained reality is created. The view onto the landscape passing by, creates a longing, that is amplified by the untouchability of nature. My interest here focusses not on exotic landscapes, which might represent a desire for holidays in foreign countries and freedom, but instead on the coincidental gaze out of the car window onto a to me familiar landscape. An irritation arises from this angle onto a, on the one hand to me known and familiar landscape, which however at the same time is closed and untouchable. This feeling of a barricade is further emphasised through the velocity the car is traveling at, as well as the constant crash barrier on the side of the motorway.