way of work

technique and way of work

With drawings and sketches, own photographs, newspaper scraps and picture material thematic concepts and ideas are being collated over a long period of time and consolidated. Thus a number of sketches develop, which at first only clarify the formal elements, such as the composition. The here contained, figurative elements serve at first only the rough approach and circumscription of the thematic idea. In rough strokes first with charcoal and then with much diluted paint, the sketches’ contents are being fixed on the painting’s surface. The painting process can be described as a continual repainting, correcting or rather retaining. During this complex painting process intuitive decisions are being made; there is no in-detail and upfront defined course. Often, one becomes far removed from the original sketch, thought of as a starting point.

At random taken photos, out of the car window, of the landscape „flashing by“ on the motorway A44 Aachen – Mönchengladbach. The landscape series A44 was produced from these photographs.